Ahooga at Autoworld: celebrating local artisanship and innovation

December 18, 2023
Ahooga at Autoworld: celebrating local artisanship and innovation

The Autoworld Musee in Brussels recently hosted a remarkable celebration of local creativity and innovation—the Brussels Expertise Transmission prize—an event that beautifully encapsulated the essence of Belgian craftsmanship. Among the distinguished participants proudly stood Ahooga, featured alongside a collection of unique products, each symbolizing the spirit of local expertise and creativity.

Ahooga's journey to Autoworld commenced with a nomination from BEL, recognizing the brand's significant contributions to local development. Wholeheartedly embracing this opportunity, Ahooga enthusiastically accepted the nomination, leading to the brand's inclusion in this prestigious exhibition, concurrently running with the renowned Porsche exhibition.

Spanning from December 15th to 17th, the exhibition showcased diverse creations from various sectors. Ahooga's presence underscored their unwavering dedication to designing and developing bikes, hinting at their forthcoming in-house production within Brussels.

Amidst the top four final candidates—Greenology, ANALEPSE, and Dereck Daubechies (C) Nolwenn de Sonis—Ahooga stood resilient. While the ultimate prize found a new home, Ahooga cherished the acknowledgment of their local endeavors and the opportunity to showcase their new product the Ahooga MAX, Ahooga's new folding e-bike concepted to draw new targets in bike riding comfort and compatibility with the urban needs.

Gokce Dogru, Ahooga's CEO, expressed immense pride in the recognition of their local efforts and appreciated the chance to spotlight Ahooga's MAX. "The event exuded an incredible vibe of celebration and innovation," Gokce noted. "It was genuinely exhilarating to witness the passion and dedication of our fellow artisans in creating exceptional products."

Engaging with other local brands, Gokce found common ground in their commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, despite operating in diverse domains. "The coolness of the event was palpable, reflecting the sheer pride we all share in representing the thriving creativity within Brussels," Gokce added.

During the event, Gokce extended a warm invitation to experience Ahooga firsthand. "We're thrilled to invite everyone to our Flagship store to test our bikes," Gokce exclaimed. "Now available for test rides, our bikes offer an exceptional urban mobility experience. Our sales team is dedicated to providing all the support needed to understand how our bikes perfectly fit your lifestyle." Booking a test ride is simple—visit our website's 'Book a Test Ride' page and follow the straightforward instructions provided by Calendly.